Mock Gatorade Mascot Project
(Above) are my Sketches for the Mock Gatorade Mascot for class. I decided on using the adjectives and Gatorade's main product to create versions of a Logo. Some of them didn't work out for my vision so they were abandoned in the choosing process . I ended up on Raindrop Man that you see (Below) and he fit well for all my Adjectives and ideas, and he can even change color depending on the majority color of the product wants to sell. Or stick with Company colors. Raindrop was created in Illustrator with the Pen, and the Live Paint tools.
Here is a mock shirt created if Gatorade wanted to place it on. The process was done and created in Photoshop. I chose the Orange and Green shirt color because those are the signature colors of the brand. I added backgrounds and dimmed it for more attention and where a real life placement of the products would be.
Another idea of a real-life placement of the mascot and transferred and finished in Photoshop. This time on a sports drink bottle. I added shading and lighting to the mascot to make sure it was the same of the bottle and used the skew tool to warp the mascot around the bottle. I also took away the black part in favor of using the green part of the bottle.

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